Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find coupons and other incentives?
The best place to find coupon codes and specials is in our newsletter. Sign up.

Where can I buy Gorilly Goods?
We are constantly expanding our distribution. Find a store near you, online in our Shop, or better yet, tell us about your favorite retail store and we’ll reach out to them directly.

Can I order directly from you?
Visit our Shop to place a direct order. You can purchase by the box and enjoy free shipping when you order $75 or more. Plus you can order other Gorilly Goods merchandise. Remember that 2% of our proceeds goes to benefit the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund® .

How long do your products last?
Gorilly Goods are dehydrated and crunchy and made to last. We suggest enjoying or freezing them within 8 months of purchasing for the best flavor and freshness.

Are there multiple flavors?
There are 6 varieties of the Gorilly Goods for you to enjoy. Jungle. Hillside. Forest. Trail. Baja. And Coast.

I would like to send a box to a friend – can I insert a message?
Yes. During checkout, fill out the “Gift Note” section at the bottom and we will be happy to include it with your purchase.