Train Tales Through Canada

Our visit to Vancouver and the Nature’s Path headquarters was beyond expectation. We met exceptional people, ate unforgettable meals and soaked in as much of the beautiful scenery as possible. But that was only the beginning half of our Canadian journey. You can read about our wonderful time in Vancouver here.

Train Tracks

Our time was occupied with a tradeshow and business meetings, and before we knew it, it was time to head home. We wanted to take in all of the beauty of the area and opted for the Via Rail Canadian passenger train. It was four nights of tasty meals, comfortable beds with cozy comforters and clean sheets with chocolates on the pillows. We met interesting people from many parts of the world. We sat with a woman from Rwanda and talked about Virunga Park, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund which was founded in her country, and we talked about Gorilly Goods. Everyone was interested in hearing about Gorilly Goods, and even more eager to sample the packs we brought along.

Lounge Car 

The lounge car was right out of a novel. Conversations were flowing and Stephen talked about kubb (of course!). A round-faced man with spy-like glasses slid in at our lounge table. He knew something about everything and talked without emotion - kind of fascinating. We were seated at lunch together the next day and were interested to hear what he would come out with next. Along the way, we learned a bit about Canadian currency, potash mining, Canada’s First Nation people, polar bears, orca and beluga whales, tapestry weaving, Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg and lentil growing in Saskatchewan.


The best part about train travel is your ability to move around and and whenever  it feels right you can head back to your personal space. Our small area was our office, our sitting room, our strategizing table and our sleeping cabin. It was a good place to absorb the changes happening and the grand plan to continue improving our little business. We love riding the trains and looking out the window to observe the beauty of Earth. It also shows us what humanity has brought to and taken from the Earth. Continue observing, continue realizing your choices matter.