Take a breath

Summer at Gorilly Goods now includes yoga and meditation. Available to any of the team who have the time to join. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Not only does it stretch the body, and increase an awakened feeling, these practices bring us all into the same moment, and that's where it all happens. That connection of being together, on the same page. As the Beatles said "All together now."

We all want to connect. Be together. Have similarities. Experience like things. I think it is human nature to co-exist in a helping way. Society may somehow get our wires crossed and it brings selfishness and greed, disrespect and a confused state of mind, but those are delusional states. Anytime we can bring ourselves into the presence of the moment, the place where there is no good or evil, no opinions or judgement, we experience oneness. Everything just is. 

If we haven't grown up with yoga and meditation in our household, we may not be familiar with the practice or the reasons for sitting and giving effort to not thinking. We may have heard good things about the practices, but we are just too busy for another thing in our day. So Gorilly and the gang have decided to sneak it right in, busy schedules and all. If we can keep it convenient, time manageable, and practice when we can, this feeling of presence will flow through more moments of our life.

Peace and presence to all on this sunny summer day. - Chris