Sweet Potato Toast

Thanks for the recipe idea, Basil Bandwagon Natural Market

1 organic sweet pototo

1-2 avocados

dash of sea salt

1 pk Hillside (Savory) Gorilly Goods

sprig of parsley

Place sliced sweet potatoes on the shelf of a toaster oven and toast twice. 

Top with your favorite topping.

We used mashed avocado with a little sea salt, a sprinkle of Hillside Gorilly Goods, and a sprig of the last of the garden parsley.

Next time we're going to slice up another and make refried beans with Baja (cilantro, lime and chili's), and a sprig of cilantro.

These are so easy, delicious and full of nutrients.

This is the cilantro bed after the first snowfall this morning. Still going strong.