Stay Active with Our Favorite Game: Kubb

Kubb Unites People and Creates Peace on Earth

That’s a good tagline for an activity and we happen to agree with it. But what the heck is kubb?

Hubb Group

Our family has been playing kubb longer than we’ve been producing Gorilly Goods (which is a pretty long time). Over the years of playing, we can say, we are now thoroughly connected to the kubb community. We travel to many cities and states and even to another country to be among kubb friends and play some friendly, yet competitive games.

You’ve most likely never heard of kubb (pronounced koob, not kub). It’s a worldwide sport/lawn game with stories linking it to the Vikings of Scandinavia. Many of our kubb friends have been to the world games that take place each August on the island of Gotland in Sweden. The games are active and competitive, but anyone can play. As long as you can toss a wooden baton underhand across to the other side of the pitch (with some accuracy) you’ll be good to go.

Kubb Field

Like any sport, the more you practice, the more natural your shots feel. Over the years that we’ve been playing and competing, we’ve watched the more practiced players become champs. Precision and skill along with good sportsmanship is the winning combination.

Since you might not have known about kubb, you likely didn’t know that Gorilly Goods are an Official Snack Food Sponsor of the U.S. National Kubb Championship. It’s even printed on our boxes. That means each year we donate product to the U.S. National Kubb Championship fundraiser, going to the Girls on the Run program. We are also part of the fundraising efforts for Kubbing to Kick Cancer, in Kasson, MN. Our kubb friends have raised thousands of dollars for great causes. We often take Gorilly Goods along to the tournament weekends for sharing and nourishing the players through the day.


We formed a kubb club in our area called Kettle Moraine Kubb. Over the last few years it’s been just family and a few friends who show up weekly to play together from spring to fall. We began hosting a tournament at Pike Lake State Park in the Kettle Moraine Forest. This Labor Day weekend will be our 4th year with players coming from different states. We play under the giant oak trees with views of Pike Lake in the distance – uniting people and providing peaceful settings for sure.

Team Gorilly Goods

So, if you’re looking for a new activity, look into kubb – it can change your life. Kind of like Gorilly Goods, or so Stephen says. If you’re interested in learning more about kubb, feel free to reach out to us.