Red Hot Snackers

Dehydrate at 118°

This was a recipe from our "raw" years. We made them as often as we did our beloved fruit and nut "Jungle" snacks. 

If you're avoiding regular baked crackers, you still need something to munch on, right? These crackers are easy to make, dehydrated for minimal processing, and delicious. 

3 cups organic sunflower seeds

1 cup organic flax seeds

2 cups water

2 organic tomatoes

1/2 cup organic onion

1 Tablespoon organic chili pepper flakes (or less if you want)

2 teaspoons organic whole cumin seeds

2 1/2 teaspoons Real salt (or your favorite high mineral salt)

Soak sunflower seeds in plenty of water and place in the refrigerator overnight. Drain, and use them within 2 days.

In a bowl, add flax seeds to drained sunflower seeds, along with 2 cups water and all other ingredients. Let sit 30 minutes - 1 hour.

In a food processor with S blade, blend to creamy. If it takes 2 batches of blending, mix the batches together after all is processed to get flavors incorporated.

Spread 1 to 1 1/2 cups of batter onto dehydrator teflex sheets. Spread with a flexible spatula or any tool that works for you. Spread all the way to the edges, It should be 1/8 inch thick. If it's too thick, it will begin to sour during the drying time. 

Score gently with your spreading tool or a butter knife into cracker shapes - squares or diamonds.

Dehydrate 6-8 hours at 118°, remove the trays and flip a sheet of crackers over onto a blank screen, peeling the teflex sheet off. Continue for all the trays. Removing the sheet is an important step so they dry quickly enough without getting the soured taste. They will now dry on the screen rather than a teflex sheet - more air movement around them. Return to dehydrator for another 6 hours or until they are crunchy.

A word on dehydrators.... Our first dehydrator was from a thrift store. It worked, but we needed more tray space for food. Our second dehydrator was a "Harvest Savor", made by Vitamix. It was roomier, but with the fan being on the bottom, the air flow wasn't great at the top. We then bought an Excalibur - 9 Tray. We have had a few of them over the years, I literally wear them out! It's still our favorite home dehydrator.