Prayer, Peace and Fasting

If you were onboard with us through January, you may have joined us to make more health conscious decisions in your life. It means being keenly aware of your unconscious habits (become more present), reactions (staying at peace), judgements (let the universe unfold), and intentions (what you feel is your purpose). 

February is going to continue on the positive January path of daily walks or movement of some sort, reduction of alcohol and sugar, the elimination of artificial sugar, and taking a few minutes each day to sit in stillness with a meditative mind (without thought). 

This month we'll also add the conscious reduction of empty carbs (pizza, bread, white flour pasta, wheat snacks, white crackers, & white rice). We've all heard that an excess of carbohydrates is a burden on our digestive system. Switching to alternatives from these foods, or reducing the amount of wheat products that you eat for the month will most likely result in less mucous in your body and less demands on your system to remove it. You'll feel clear and cleaner, all over.

It's fun finding new foods to replace the white breads and pastas....your favorite lunch spread rolled in a collard or lettuce leaf, bean pasta or spaghetti squash under your favorite sauce, nut or seedy crackers, cauliflower "rice" instead of white rice. You can always check if a restaurant has gluten-free options, many of them have wheat alternatives. The month of less mucous! Good time of year for it.

Included is our favorite raw cracker recipe for those of you who have a dehydrator. Red Hot Snackers

This month we'll also encourage a 1 day fast. You can schedule it when it is convenient for you, but the following link is focusing on a day when others will be joining in from around the world.

"The Pope has called for a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for peace on February 23."  Read More

We have fasted a number of times*. It may sound scary, and may feel that way the first time, but once you've made it through your day and head to bed at an early hour, waking up the next morning is filled with a clarity and sense of accomplishment unlike other mornings. Be reminded, everybody is different. Do not undertake a fast without the advice of a doctor, especially if you abstain from food for more than a day.

Even though the fast that Pope Francis is calling for falls on the first Friday of Lent, a time when Christians typically "give something up", he is asking people of all religions to join in and observe the day by fasting and saying a prayer for peace and non-violence. This may be the best way to fast, by thinking of people in other nations, non-violence, and peace on earth every time a food thought comes up. Happy Healthy February!

*Typically when we have paused our eating, we would begin on a Sunday evening after dinner. Monday seems an easy day to skip eating, and Monday is usually just water. Lately we've allowed ourselves a cup of organic herbal tea or a cup of organic decaf coffee as they are clear liquids, and bring us enjoyment. A true fast (like the Dr.'s orders kind), doesn't allow anything but water. Getting through breakfast and lunch has never been a problem. Getting home at dinner time is the testiest time. We would recommend keeping yourself busy to distract your mind from food. It's also best to stay out of the cupboards and refrigerator. If thoughts of eating get very strong, just go to bed. The longer you sleep, the more time your body has to heal, and without needing to work on digestion, your cells can do other things - like become more youthful and energetic. Like anything, taking a break from eating/digestion gets easier after you've practiced a few times. You may even be able to make food for others while you abstain yourself. A day once a month or once a season would be a healthy accomplishment. Maybe you can start with February.