How dry I am....

In the early 90's we supplemented our organic farming business by working for an organic produce distributor. It was late evenings, working in and out of the walk in coolers, building and wrapping orders on pallets, breaking down boxes, sorting produce. Hard work, but we loved it. One of the perks was receiving rejected produce that wasn't in perfect condition to sell. It was plenty to eat, share and preserve for another time.

This is when we started dehydrating food (necessity is the mother of invention). This string of Bosc pear slices hung above our wood stove and dried perfectly. We bought our first dehydrator and the story of our dry food experiments was off and running; tomato halves and sliced apples, strawberry fruit leather and banana based rawies (that turned into Gorilly Goods 20 years later). 

We even experimented with building a solar dehydrator and dried in the sun. We discovered along with the solar heat if we didn't have some air movement  from a fan, the bugs hung around which wasn't the coolest of situations.

Drying is the oldest method of food preservation. Ancient cultures couldn't have survived without preserving foods throughout the year. We enjoy the nutrient value of drying over other methods. The vitamins and minerals are kept at their peak without high heat involved. The lightweight end result stores in a small space and packs along easily anywhere you want to take it. 

Don't worry if you don't have time to dry your own snacks, that's why we're in business! We'll do it for you. We're excited to expand our line of organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, delicious snacks for you to tuck away and take along on your next adventure - even if that's your drive home from work. :)

Happy snacking ~ Chris 🌻