Gorilly and the purple crayon (story of adventure)

The journey our little company has been on is like a hike in the wild and wide open wilderness. Beautiful, tuned to everything at once, challenging, educational, and truly adventurous. Gorilly Goods turned six years old this month. Still in our youth, but experiencing so much.

Our latest business tale is a wild ride. Hop aboard and we'll retell it.

A little over a year ago, Nature's Path partnered with Gorilly Goods helping prepare us for the growth to come. With their support, we became HACCP (food safety) certified and developed methods to implement more effective kill steps to our low-temp dehydrating process, making our products of the highest food safety quality. All production and warehouse workers got new steel toed shoes, and cuffed work coats. What's the saying? Smart AND good looking? That was us!

Another big accomplishment during the year was the design, prep and launch of all products into Canada, complete with French/English wrappers, boxes, shippers, and new certifications - almost like a second company.

In October, Nature's Path informed us of their decision to stop funding the Gorilly Goods business. Without their financial backing at this phase, we had to put all growth plans on hold.

The next day we talked with our entire employment team, and had to put them on hold as well. Since then, Stephen, Chris and Cody have kept the business going 1 order at a time. Despite the setback, distributors continued to order, and new accounts opened up. Just this month, Whole Foods in Canada brought all varieties into all of their stores. Each week that passed, we'd be hanging by a thread and then get a breath of stability. 

In early December we met Frank, who lives outside of Madison. He was looking for a facility to manufacture a snack product that he was marketing, called Supernola. Next thing you know, Cindy, the founder of Supernola, flew in from Harrisburg, PA, and in one day we tested 4 batches of her delicious grain-free, superfood granola snacks. Business meetings took place and we now have their Letter of Intent to purchase the Gorilly Goods brand and business.

Frank and Cindy, partners in the company EVOLVE Snacking, plan to buy Gorilly Goods and manufacture both Gorilly Goods and Supernola in our Jackson food plant. The sale is scheduled to take place in February. 

Cody has been asked to remain with the new company, and Chris and Stephen have agreed to stay on as consultants. We're thankful that Gorilly Goods has an opportunity to continue the steady growth that has taken place over the years. We feel the merger of our production know-how with EVOLVE's marketing and sales strategies is a winning combination.

We'll be sure to announce news as we continue the ride. Thanks for coming along with us. You make it all much more fun! And as always, thank you for purchasing Gorilly Goods. They have all the right things going for them. Good for you!