Get up, get up, get out of bed! - Bob Uecker (alarm clock)

I've decided to get out of bed each morning instead of laying there until the last minute before I HAVE to get up. I plan to take the bit of extra time and do something worthwhile. Today is "write a morning blog" day.

It's back to school week in this neck of the woods. Even if we aren't heading back to "school", it always brings a feeling of a new start. Time to learn new things of interest. A seasonal time of change for all of nature, including us. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn more about nutrition, digestion, positive health, and good things to eat. I'd like to learn something from you, too, such as: "What flavor do you think would be delicious in an upcoming snack?"

We're soon to be packaging our 3 new varieties this month (more on that later). Now that those recipes are tested and in the books, it's time to create a couple more. Our family loves Taco Tuesday or Taco Wednesday, sometimes Taco maybe a taco seasoned raw-vegan crunchy snack? Send us your fav flavors, a fun pic, or shoot me an email.....we love to make yummy snacks. We've got all the equipment, let's crunch it up together.

Remember - We make all these snacks with one thing in mind - us. :) (haha, bet you thought I was going to say "you"). We know if we make the foods we absolutely love and would choose to eat ourselves, then they are ready for you. We like to eat good tasting food as much (or more) than most. We are never satisfied with mediocrity which means we appreciate and strive for those foods that make our stomach smile. When something is THAT good, you can actually feel the joy happening in your belly.

Enjoy your week ahead. Happy back to school time to all the kids and big kids. Learn something interesting and share the good stuff. You are here to bring something meaningful to this world. Thanks for your Gorilly support and input.

~ Chris, co-founder, maker