Get on Your Bikes and Ride … to Work

From early May and into June, cities and trails across America are celebrating Bike to Work Day. With local specials and events, Bike to Work Day is a great time to look into the positive impact cycling has on our bodies and environment. See why you should start hopping into the saddle on your way to the office.

It’s fun and keeps you fit

Spend your mornings connected with nature instead of staring at a bumper sticker. Biking to work lets you get out in nature while you burn calories and it helps with your cardio-vascular system, lowers your blood pressure, boosts energy and builds muscles. Plus, all that stress-free fun can help with your happiness levels.

It’s good for your wallet and schedule

Not only do you get to skip rush hour but you also save time finding parking, taking your car into the shop, filling up your tank and everything else that goes with owning and operating a vehicle. The average person spends $9,000 a year to own a car. Compare that to a couple hundred a year in bike maintenance – just think how much Gorilly Goods you could buy with those savings.

It’s good for the environment

We all know what cars are doing to the environment, but did you know that the transportation sector accounts for nearly 30 percent of all US greenhouse gas emissions? Riding your bike lets you appreciate and save the earth at the same time.

 bike to work

Need more reasons? Check out our favorite local trails: 

Elroy-Sparta State Trail

This 32-mile rail trail runs between Elroy and Sparta, Wisconsin and stretches between communities, forests, limestone tunnels and so much more. It’s one of the most popular trails in the country and one of our favorites as well.  And we always pack Gorilly Goods to enjoy on the many scenic stops.

Oak Leaf Trail

Weave in and out of the city and enjoy lake views and forested scenery along 100+ miles of trails. The Oak Leaf Trail is a favorite among many and you’ll rarely find yourself alone, especially on an early morning commute. Many cyclists choose this route as opposed to the busy streets because of its safety and scenery.

Hank Aaron Trail June 3-11, 2017

This trail serves as a vital link between the western suburbs and busy downtown Milwaukee. During Bike to Work Week, volunteers on the Hank Aaron Trail will be offering free bike tours and a breakfast station with free coffee and baked goods for morning commuters – what better way to start off your day?

Be safe on the trails and don’t forget your Gorilly Goods!