From the Good People

We were at a Kubb Tournament this past weekend, and with Gorilly Goods in hand, we were referred to as the Good People :) (ha! thanks Kelly!)

This is the link to our latest newsletter, published January 10.

It's a Happy New Year Wish and an invite to join in our pledge to make conscious choices to improve our overall health this year. We're starting now ;)

Additional tips to the beginning guidelines listed in that newsletter, will be posted on this blog so everyone can see, even if they aren't on social sites.

Today while bouncing on the rebounder*, I began thinking about self care. Food choices matter. Exercise matters. Calming the mind matters. Living in the now matters.

What we ingest has an affect on the body and mind. There was a several year period of our lives that we chose only raw, unheated fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds as our diet. It was a clean and clear time. As we immersed our selves in the raw movement, what we didn't care for was the exclusivity of it. We had spent the previous decade learning about, touting and teaching vegetarian and veganism. We were always proudly representing a group, giving ourselves a label of who we represented. We wanted to free ourselves from the "I'm this or that mind". We're often asked, "Are you vegan?" "a meat-eater?" "a pescatarian?" "paleo?" "a runner?" "a meditator?". It goes on, and appears that everyone likes to belong to a group.

The last 20 years of not labeling ourselves has been enjoyed while holding the knowledge we have gained and allowing it to influence our decision making. In the year ahead, we hope to share a recalled or newfound tip as a reminder to  ourselves, and perhaps you, to take action....for goodness sake.

Today.... it's an extra glass of water (have it now) and emptying the mind on a walk. Staying alert to the presence surrounding us, wherever we are. Try and stay present for 20 minutes. Come back to the inhale/exhale if the mind becomes involved in a mental conversation.

* a rebounder is a mini trampoline. It provides the opportunity for cardio workout and releasing muscle tension. Good for the lymph system flow.

If you have been thinking about one, get a good one. It will be several hundred dollars. We've had many brands and the bounce makes a difference on how it affects your back or knees. Our preference is the Bellicon. They take into account your weight and what you want to accomplish.

Temps in the teens today - time to put on the snow pants! Not much beats a walk in the woods.

In oneness,

Chris and Stephen, Founders