Taking it to the Streets at Outpost

Our Gorilly Goods Team headed out in force yesterday to 4 Outpost Co-ops for demos. Outpost is running a great sale through the rest of February on all varieties. 

It was a first time demo for some of our in-house staff. Becca, who manages the Gorilly Goods production room is a natural. Once she got comfortable in her demo shoes, who better to hear from about the incredible ingredients, than the person that puts every batch together! Having been working almost full time at Reallygoods for over a year, she has been absorbing the company culture and really gets the bigger picture of goodness coming from the Gorilly Goods brand. She has become Chris' right hand in production. Becca shares samples and her beautiful smile in Mequon.

Mark, our versatile Reallygoods guy, who works in the office, warehouse, and production in Jackson, also did his flagship demo in Bay View. Cody showed him the set-up ropes and they were off to an evening of spreading the joys of Gorilly Goods eating and all that comes with it. Mark started working with us by volunteering to be a banana peeler one day. 1000 bananas later he heads up logistics and jumps into production when his help is called on. He's a gem of a rock.

Aubrey headed to Capitol Drive with Stephen for her debut demo. She came back and when I asked how it went, the first thing she said was "The people are so nice. All of them, the employees and the customers." What a great experience, to be among nice people while sharing good things. Aubrey, a graduate from UW Madison, shares her wonderful energy with all. She has been a great help as our developing Brand Manager, and also in production.

Karen set up her post at the State Street location and slipped right into her comfortable being-with-people mode to share samples and friendly talk with all the shoppers and staff. Karen's Down to Earth Chef business fills her with great knowledge and passion for food. I've taken her fun and informative cooking classes - really yummy! Her enthusiasm is friendly and laid back. She has been a great ambassador for Gorilly Goods.

Needless to say, we are grateful and appreciative of these special people and their excitement for Gorilly Goods. They share their pure honesty, as you taste and share yours. We love when you stop, and we really love when you "get" the goodness that comes in and with Gorilly Goods - and then grab some for your basket!!

We'll be back at those 4 stores again today....Karen in Tosa, Becca in Mequon, Stephen in Bay View and Chris is at the Captol Drive location.

Outpost has been in the Milwaukee area since the 70's. Chris remembers being a member at a really small place (did it have a dirt floor?) with local produce, and a handful of natural products. The years since have turned that strongly rooted community of like-minded people into 5 beautiful locations along with some satellite stores in hospital settings. Great job to the Outpost collective!

Outpost was the first "major" store to give our Reallygoods business a chance. Now that we've been in business for a few years. we can see that a store's decision to bring in your product is your key to success. Without that outlet, we would be stuck. It's a competitive market to get space on a shelf. We've always felt our most support and strength came from our local Wisconsin coops. Birds of a feather shop together. 


Gorilly, our inspiration, is thrilled with it all. One of my most memorable conversations during the weekend so far was with William, an Outpost employee, who was shopping. We had collaborated the year before on an idea, and as a result, GG had made a donation to the Wauwatosa High School Play, Tarzan. He told me that after the play the cast members were given the experience of getting to spend time with the Milwaukee Zoo primatologist, learning gorilla behavior. Learning fun! That led our conversation to telling William we have now partnered with the Dian Fossey International Gorilla Fund with 2% of our proceeds. He seemed delighted about that, which instilled me with delight to remember that special part about our business. We make these snacks, and then sell or give them away, to provide people good tasting, healthy nourishment. Helping protect another species through those sales is another heart warming part of the business. 

Look at these gorilla twins that were born in the area that the Fossey Fund protects and studies. Twins are really rare! What a sweet photo!

Photo from the Dian Fossey International Gorilly Fund

 Hope to see you today, or another day soon. ~ Chris