Happy New Year Weekend - 2016 - A fresh start

After reading Eckhardt Tolle's statement that 2016 is the year of conscious awakening, I was filled with joy. Imagine, the majority of people becoming aware and at peace with life - as is. And then imagine everybody else seeing the joy and hopping on board. That's what the world needs now. Let it begin with us. We will share our conscious selves with your conscious selves as we continue building our business. Thanks for being with us - your Gorilly friends :)

Our exciting plans for 2016.....
  • Introduce 3 items in our new Gorilly Goods Nut/Seed line - always organic, always raw, always gluten-free, always vegan (we are loving the experimental stages so far)
  • Get Gorilly Goods into more hands of the outdoor adventurer - they are such a convenient snack to pack along - and we all know about the dense lightweight nutrition!
  • Continue our partnership with the Dian Fossey International Gorilla Fund to support the work with, and protection of, gorillas in the Virunga National Park and Republic of Congo, in Africa.
  • Sponsor the U.S. International Kubb Championship 2016 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Kubb teams unite from all areas of the US to compete in this ancient Scandinavian sport. (We play kubb whenever we can....if you are one who likes to play skillful and strategic lawn games, this is our favorite.) The kubb camaraderie is the best part.
  • Attend key trade shows throughout the country to further the Gorilly Goods brand
Enjoy life's journey - enjoy the coming new year.