This Wonderful Month of December

December is a month of so many celebrations.  Religious, family, friends, cosmic, Earthly, and festive. Stephen and I were born in December, so we think of this month even more specially. Here it is the 27th. The light is returning more each day, the winter song birds have been visiting the yard more frequently, the geese still linger, and the snows have held back. January will surely bring more wintery conditions. We will share our visits to the nearby pond this winter in hopes of finding it frozen one day. Our new ice skates patiently await.

We wish you a winter filled with just enough adventure to keep things interesting. Our reminders to ourselves as we finish up this Holiday-time......Drink lots of water, keep your body moving and agile, eat clean organic food - with lots of juicy fruits and vegetables, and be sure to take enough Gorilly Goods along to keep happily nourished along the way. Peace, joy, love, optimism, laughs and all things good. ~ cm