What day is it anyway?

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Local Fair Sunday, Cyber Monday? It's December 1st (and that means Meaningful December Days are upon us!).

We have loaded our Gorilly Gift Giving items on the Shopping Page of our Website.

As our gift to you for ordering, we are including a Dian Fossey International Gorilly Fund Calendar with every $50 order. As a gift for a $100 order, we are including a calendar along with a Baggu Reusable Gorilly Shopping Bag ($9 value).

We hope you enjoy all the days of December this year. Make them meaningful, do kind things, share the love. 

Thank you for following Gorillys adventures and enjoying our nutritious and delicious snacks.

ps: Happy birthday wishes today to my brother - that's really what December 1st is all about...always will be! :) cm