Hey! Where did ya get that good looking kale?

We had the fun (but cold) opportunity to visit Full Harvest Farm, where the kale is grown for our HillsideSavory Pumpkin Seed variety.

Chuck gave us an overview of his 40 acre farm in Hartford, about 20 miles from our manufacturing kitchen in Jackson. We walked past some of the already harvested plants as we headed toward the 4 different varieties still growing. This was the last call for kale, as the temps were to dip into the teens after the 5-8 inches of snow predicted for the weekend. (?) Yes, that did happen!

Stephen, Aubrey, Becca, Mark, Cody, Chuck the farmer, and Morgan, getting to know the kale. We'll all be seeing it again in a few days when it will arrive in Jackson to be triple washed, chopped and readied for Gorilly Goods.

Full Harvest Farm is certified organic by MOSA, the same agency that certifies Gorilly Goods. Our inspector Mark, iintroduced us to the local farm a year ago. We're so happy to be using Wisconsin kale from our organic farmer neighbor! Thanks for the great kale, Chuck!