Expo East 2015

It's all about the people!

Expo East wouldn't be anything without the people!! 

This wasn't Abe, but it could have been!! Our marketing firm, Boelter & Lincoln got a kick out of this one! Hey, B&L, we had a designer from another firm come up with their card and say "Looks like you don't need any help here!" :)

The fellow vendors that shared our immediate area were cool, like the Kor Shot guy to the left, who gave us abundant bottles of his energizing organic ginger or turmeric potion to get us through the day (by the way this CA dude with the cool hoodie, is really from France, has an accent, and reminded us of Aaron Rodgers....(!)

The sweet business owner across from us. I was in love with her Bees Wrap, bees wax coated organic cotton cloth that is used for wrapping foods instead of plastic wrap. It's ingenious! I bought many sizes and shapes to give as Christmas gifts and have seen it available at most coops and food stores with delicious foods for sale.

The show is about the connections you make, like the new accounts interested in bringing in the entire line of Gorilly Goods. They are the believers in good food. 


Thanks for bringing us in, Choices Natural Market, in the Rockford IL area!

There were brokers and suppliers to talk business with, retailers to woo with our clean food and family vibe, fellow business people to chat with (and share samples with), and  "The Press", that you hope to make a good impression on.

We occasionally get questioned...

"Are you vegan?" "Are you gluten-free?" "Are you raw...?"

We have been all of these at some point in our lives, and now we prefer to say we are "awake". We've studied every ism to do with food, and we get it! We live our day to day by making our best choices for the earth and all beings.

Expo East 2015 was a success! It was introducing Gorilly to the East Coast, hiking into a territory we've not been in. Along the way, we met great people doing good work, good deeds, and having good times. 


A taster who immediately smacked her Gorilly sticker on like a badge :)







This organic certifier from CCOF in California had the best sign by far! Organic really is so much more! Having the USDA symbol means a certifying agent is inspecting and monitoring your facility and products. Non-GMO is good, but for a chemical free earth and inhabitants, ORGANIC IS MORE!


And this is Mark, our organic certifier from MOSA, right here in Wisconsin. Thanks for the hat! Gorilly is now wearing it!


Organic is a good thing. Cheers to our new organic and non-organic friends!

 Chris, Cody and Stephen