Natural Products Expo West 2015

The Expo of all Expo's

The morning we left, there was a snow storm. A dozen plows on the runway and a deicing of the wings prepared us for takeoff.

The sky cleared and by the time we landed in LA, it was beautiful!

March flowers were a welcome sight for our Wisconsin winter eyes!

The Anaheim Convention Center was a beautiful place for this event!

Our first event was in the Fresh Ideas Tent - all organic vendors. It was a flurry of excitement....

Leslie Durso, well known vegan chef and healthy living educator from Southern CA was wowed! She had two samples of Savory pumpkin seeds. "I never take two samples! These are very special!" :)

It was an honor to meet Max Goldberg who I had been reading blogs from over the past several years. He was really impressed with Gorilly Goods!

Ron Russel (left) with our helper, David Monroe, was a delight to meet. Ron is the Chef/Owner of Sun Cafe on Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles. He sent us an email after the show ended - 

"We met at the show. I told you were the best so far and it stayed true. I voted for you on the expo app for best in show."
Super duper!! Thanks Ron!
Our booth was set and ready for the 71,000 attendees. 3 more days of Gorilly Goods introductions to Natural Foods buyers from all over the world.
Stephen was thrilled to meet our booth neighbors across from us. Tim Krumrie, now with PowerICE, was a former UW-Wisconsin Hall-of-Fame football player who went on to many years of pro ball with the Cincinnati Bengals.
The backdrop of our booth says it all....Eat what you wanna Be! 

Healthy - Organic - Delicious