Sautéed Savory Seeds and Greens in Garlic Mojo

Thanks Laura!

Our friend and graphic designer, Laura, shared a tasty culinary idea. She is a lover of the Savory Seeds and Greens and finds all sorts of ways to eat them!

She started with a recipe of Garlic Mojo from famed chef, Rick Bayless of Frontera, in Chicago. Laura makes a batch of this regularly and keeps in the refrigerator.  (I prepared a batch of Mojo yesterday and have to say, our kitchen smelled delicious!) 

This is what happened....

...and then she said....

Broccoli with Savory Gorilly Goods

2 T Garlic Mojo (or olive oil and some garlic if you don't have any Mojo in the fridge)

1 pack of Gorilly Goods Savory Seeds and Greens 

1-2 stalks of broccoli cut up (you can steam it first or put in raw - depending on how al dente you prefer it)

Get the oil hot and throw in the seeds and stir around for a minute or so to warm and absorb the flavor. Toss it with the raw or steamed broccoli.


This would work well on brussels sprouts, green beans, cauliflower, carrots and lots more! 

note from Chris....sometimes our neighbor or friends give us eggs from their backyard chickens. I boiled some up over the weekend and sliced one into our pumpkin seed mojo on the stove and then put it all on top of our nightly salad.....Stephen asked if we could do that again tonight! :)

Do you know of a Gorilly Goods recipe?