Demo Magic at Outpost

Find them down 1st Street, or 5th Street, or on the end-cap, or at the checkout!
Find them down 1st Street, or 5th Street, or on the end-cap, or at the checkout!IMG_4708

There has been a 3 week sale going on at Outpost Natural Foods Co-op in Milwaukee. There's just over a week left. Four of us did demos at all 4 stores over the last two Saturdays. Stephen, Cody, Chris and our demo guru, Karen Gill, who is the Down to Earth Chef.

When a person stands in one area for 3 hours, you get to observe many things and encounter many people. It's nice when people stop to chat. Our first demo was on a snowy Saturday, many shoppers were home shoveling, but must have worked up an appetite and came to the store shortly after. All of us were pleasantly busy and have a few stories to share...

Chris: I was reacquainted with a mom that we had met at Slow Pokes in Grafton a couple of years ago. She struck me as a healthy vibrant mom and her young son was dressed in cute Packer clothing (I was moved to try and capture the good energy by taking a photo way back then). She was at my demo in Mequon on Saturday and re-introduced herself . She has a second son now and all 3 of them are adorable. She emailed today and shared the fact that she couldn't even wait until she got home to open the chocolate pack of Gorilly Goods and relayed how much she enjoyed them! :)

LeNay and Stuart at Slow Pokes back in March 2013
LeNay (Avocado Mommy) and Stuart at Slow Pokes back in March 2013

LeNay also invited us to do a story for her blog, Avocado Mommy. We are delighted, and after looking at her blog, we signed up to receive it. Many delicious gluten-free recipes and inspirational writings. It's really wonderful to see a mom sharing positive words for other moms and dads. I love meeting people that are sharing goodness in whatever way inspires them.....everyone would enjoy this blog. The recipes along with positive thoughts and ideas were refreshing. Thanks for blogging, LeNay.

Karen....relayed a story from last week about a mom with a two-year-old son. They tried the savory first and really liked it. Then they tried the original and were not sure if they liked it. They left. Mom came back from the checkout line and said the son changed his mind saying he liked the original and grabbed one. They left the store and then came back five minutes later to buy five more packages.


Stephen: Such a beautiful Outpost in Mequon, and amazing, friendly staff! During the demo I enjoyed a young couple who, while sampling the Chocolate, asked if the Savory was similar. I responded that it was our saltier snack “thing” - think baseball games, card playing, tailgating, beer and soda. To which they tried sampling, and he exclaimed “Oh yeah, this is totally my new beer snack!”

We all chuckled as he grabbed a few packs, they began to walk down the aisle, and he turned saying “Go Pack!”. Probably on their way to the cheese cooler.
Carts full of wonderful products rolling by.....
Carts full of wonderful products rolling by.....
Cody: Met some great people, including the friendly and helpful staff of Bay View Outpost. Many thanks to the gracious Dante, store Ambassador, for helping me get set up. I got some delicious coffee at the bakery counter, talked to friendly customers and shared product with some new Gorilly fans. Questions about the name change and the switch to pieces were discussed and explanations were understood. All old customer concerns were turned into opportunities for good, and they were glad to be back on the same page we are, rekindled to buy their beloved "favorite snacks"!  Chocolate was the most sought after testing product. But original out sold them all.
"I'll take some of each! Great sale price!"
"I'll take some of each please!"
Smart little shopper!
Smart little shopper!
Thank you for all the info Outpost!
Thank you for all the great information posted around the store Outpost! This is why we choose organic!