Our Organic Raw 70% Dark Chocolate from Bali

"It's a Superfood!"

We were at a demo this weekend and I realized how difficult it is to say all the good things that can be said about the raw-organic-fair trade 70% dark chocolate we use from Big Tree Farms in Bali. It's a superfood - one which improves your well-being for eating it. Imagine....eating delicious dark chocolate (covered Gorilly Goods) and improving your health. Love it!

This is what the chocolatiers at Big Tree Farms have to say ….

"Why do we do what we do? Because food is at the heart of vital healthy living. More than any other contributing factor, diet and nutrition is our primary medicine for a happy and healthy life.

It sustains our health through pure nutrients, it promotes happiness when sharing a meal with friends and family, and it nourishes creativity when exploring and playing with new ingredients, flavors and recipes. It replenishes nutrients lost during strenuous exercise. 

And perhaps most importantly, we do this because good food comes from rich soil and we like playing in the dirt." ~ Big Tree Farms, Bali

"Cacao’s legendary history is steeped in deep soul emotions. No other food can conjure up a response like chocolate. Like people the world over, our love affair with cacao and chocolate is held in revelry and mystery. We take our love affair to places that many consumers can’t and many chocolate companies won’t.

Not only do we work hand in hand with thousands of cacao farmers, even grow our own cacao and have our own fermentary, but we also built a chocolate factory out of bamboo to memorialize our cacao love affair. Within this fabled structure, we make chocolate unlike any other.

We start with Amazonian heirloom cacao that found its' way to Indonesia by way of seafaring explorers hundreds of years ago. We carefully ferment and dry the beans, which is the initial step to develop flavor. Then once the beans arrive at our factory, we start the proprietary process that Big Tree Farms is known for – our low temperature processing. Big Tree Farms cacao processing is unlike any other. We spent years developing a process that makes our cacao products Truly Raw™, maximizing the nutritional content whilst not compromising the sensual flavor we all expect from a high quality chocolate. Our low roasting process keeps the beans under 118?F/45?C via slow stone grinding the aromatic nibs during the refining process. This is how we keep the temperature controlled to retain the potent nutrients in the cacao.

Our chocolate uses only our own coconut sugar as a sweetener. No refined sugar, no soy lecithin and no artificial flavors. Just pure cacao and coconut sugar.

When making our raw cacao powder and butter, we take our stone ground cacao paste and cold-press it on our proprietary built presses, separating the butter from the powder. This cold-pressing is not nearly as quick or efficient as modern day presses that use high heat to separate the butter and powder, yet the flavor of our product is far more aromatic, complex and rich. This extremely complex flavor profile includes notes of chocolate, citrus, grass and clove. The resulting nutrient density is well beyond that of conventionally processed cacao powder."


  • Cacao is PACKED with natural compounds called antioxidants.  More than blueberries, pomegranate, cranberries and even red wine.  Yet, all these fruits and drinks are great for a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Promotes good cardiovascular health. Cacao is one of the best sources of natural magnesium, which is critical for a happy and healthy heart. Perhaps this is why its such a lovers food.
  • Promotes good blood circulation. Theobromine is a superior vasodilator, which means more oxygen gets pumped into your bloodstream, making it a great food for exercise.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Rich in minerals.  Cacao is a seed which contains many vital minerals our body needs to function optimally.

Raw, dark, organic chocolate covered Gorilly Goods balances the flavors of chocolate, bananas, raisins, nuts, coconut and a touch of sea salt. Satisfies my sweet sensors and promotes good health - win win!