lost emails = heartfelt thoughts

Humility like the darkness, reveals the heavenly lights. 

-Henry David Thoreau

This past Friday was going well; getting things done, out to lunch with the crew, meeting with the bank guy, and enjoying the general TGIF vibes.

Then, mid afternoon comes this email from our webhost that says our contact@reallygoods.net emails haven't been making their way through to us since......last September (!). Sinking in the stomach feeling!!

We didn't realize the extent of this until we looked and saw that there were nearly 100 emails (most of them with concerns/reactions about the changes) that had been sitting sentient without response. The light-headed feeling of unbelievability developed into a feeling of unsettled urgency.

This communication snafu started at a time when we had just made our changes. We had changed our product name and logo.....changed our package size.....changed a nut.....changed our product shape.....changed dehydrators, packagers, mixers, facilities, cities. The only thing that didn't change was us, but that doesn't really matter at this point.

"This is crumbs!"

"This is a much smaller sized pack!"

"You are trying to deceive us!"

"I miss the macadamias"!

"This is a really bad name!"

"You lost a loyal customer!"

"I want the old ones back!"

"Why did you do this to me?"

The more we read, the more our hearts ached. There were unsatisfied customers, and we hadn't responded - in months. Feeling sick!

Cody said "What are we going to do?" I said, "Answer one at a time".

A handful were responded to, and it was getting to be an enormous emotional task. The sadness of tardiness in response from us, was equalled to the feelings of disappointment from the people that were sharing their feelings about changes in their beloved snack.

One email at a time...we responded, and would like to post the gist of it for all of you who may like to know "why" we made changes to a product that was so well received....

The macadamia nuts - organic macadamias became unobtainable. We work with organic trading companies and when we were denied an order of a pallet of macs, we were told there was a world shortage - "Kenya sprayed their acres and acres of trees with chemicals."  When I heard that in spring of 2014, I (Chris) thought we were done. I quickly realized we had to move forward. When these "things" were first made 15 years ago, there were no macs in them, those came years later, just because we liked them. After a thorough search, there really were no organic macs to be found....we had to move on. Organic cashews were experimented with. They were delicious, available (sort of), and passed the taste test of our friends and family. We made many with cashews just to be sure, and we loved them. We must add; if organic macadamias come back into availability again, there will be discussion to bring them back. We are lovers of them as well.

the after story....we have heard from several writers since we made contact and have to say, your kindness was heard and felt. Thank you for the human touch and and the understanding.