Sunday Morning

Shuffling our way around the kitchen this morning we sipped coffee, and talked about our business and its mission. We talked of our good experiences yesterday at one of our favorite retailers of Gorilly Goods….

Good Harvest Market in Pewaukee.

Our Wisconsin/Minnesota Independent Natural Food Stores and Co-op customers are, and always have been, our stable backbone of support. They brought in the Reallygoods Brand in its infancy with open arms, and introduced them to many many eaters. These grocers know their products and the companies who make them. They get enthused about local goodness – they make the shining local businesses sparkle!

Back to our mission conversation; we have always believed in “Right Livelihood”, as we learned of from Thich Nhat Hanh…we are in our best place when we are in mindfulness, aware of the beauty in the presence of each moment. Everything at Gorilly Goods is done with mindfulness. When creating this little company, our purpose has been to share a few good food items we’ve developed over our 25 years of immersing ourselves in food topics far and wide.

Gorilly Goods are for everyone. We hope they become available everywhere. As we grow our product line, and our company, we look again at our mission: Simple, Natural, Raw, Organic, Live, Crunchy and Delicious, that’s our mission. Just raw fruits, nuts and seeds, packaged with a commitment to be the best snack-food choice you can make.  Those 7 words will always be at the heart of Gorilly Goods.

Enjoy your Sunday!