Chris & Stephen

It’s not really important that you know, but we’re Stephen and Chris, and we’ve enjoyed developing (and making and eating) these Gorilly Goods on a small scale over the past 25 years. It’s not the only thing we’ve enjoyed during those years, but it’s a good one.

Our time as a couple has been spent side by side, along the same path scattered with adventures. We've scubaed, sailed, traveled with a vegan food cart, lived in a tent, founded nonprofit food education and raw-food organizations, and farmed organic foods. Along the way, we also engaged in a few entrepreneurial food ventures; cafe coffee shops to gourmet wine and cheese.

Then came Gorilly Goods.

 What can we say? We enjoy food. We have relaxed off of calling ourselves names — "raw," "vegan," "paleo" — and simply live by understanding the things we have learned in life, making our choices with care and respecting those we are with.  

The food portion of our path pretty much started with a fish story ... but we'll save that for another time.