What Makes Them "Raw"?

Here's the "Raw Data" on these Gorilly Goods...

First, let's define "raw". From a food and nutrition standpoint, raw is usually understood to define foods that have not been heated above 118 degrees (F). Think fresh, think whole, and think minimally processed. It's only natural.

Now, why raw? The advantages of enjoying more fresh, whole foods that have not been cooked, are wonderfully many..... Like the many enzymes and nutrients that might otherwise be destroyed by heat. Like the harmful changes that can take place when certain fats are heated and processed. Like the unknown effects on so many food components that we have yet to identify. Like processed apple sauce is not at all like that crisp, fresh, whole apple! Nature packages so many perfect foods in their natural, whole state, and our heating and processing can only diminish that perfection.

...the tastiest, good-for-you food snack you'll ever crunch your teeth into...

Furthermore, our growing intake of processed foods that are devoid of life energy, only increases the burden of digesting and eliminating all these unwanted, empty calories. Our bodies love and respond beautifully to fresh, living foods with all of their enzymes and nutrients intact.

That being said, we all need to dwell within the particular situations of our own, unique life. Do what you can, enjoy what you do. That's where Gorilly Goods really shine - they provide the tastiest, good-for-you, raw food snack you'll ever crunch your teeth into, and they do it in a conveniently packaged form that can go wherever your life takes you. In fact, they'll help your life take you even deliciously further! All raw, all organic, whole fruits and nuts. So simple, but so important. Let Gorilly Goods help you strike your balance, deliciously.