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Better Starts With You

We all want a better world.
For us, that started with a better snack.


We believe in making tasty snacks. We believe in natural, raw food that’s never cooked. We believe little changes can make a big difference. We will forever:

Evolve the way we think
Evolve the way we act
Evolve the way we snack


PRESS RELEASE: EVOLVE Brands debuting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market sports show in Denver

July 16, 2018

                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Greg Sexton, 480-688-0766... Read More

Beginning Your Mindful Journey

July 02, 2018

We're all about being mindful. From the way we eat to the way we impact the earth, being mindful is the only way we as a society can survive on this planet. 

We're going to be bringing you different ways to become more mindful, and today we're starting with the most important part... YOU! Your health is the most important.

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Prayer, Peace and Fasting

February 09, 2018

If you were onboard with us through January, you may have joined us to make more health conscious decisions in your life. It means being keenly... Read More

Red Hot Snackers

February 09, 2018

Dehydrate at 118° This was a recipe from our "raw" years. We made them as often as we did our beloved fruit and nut "Jungle"... Read More