Better Starts With You

We all want a better world.
For us, that started with a better snack.


We believe in making tasty snacks. We believe in natural, raw food that’s never cooked. We believe little changes can make a big difference. We will forever:

Evolve the way we think
Evolve the way we act
Evolve the way we snack


Get up, get up, get out of bed! - Bob Uecker (alarm clock)

August 30, 2016

I've decided to get out of bed each morning instead of laying there until the last minute before I HAVE to get up. I plan to... Read More

Coconut is created equal but some gets messed up...

May 23, 2016

Our coconut really counts..... It starts with wild coconuts. After picked, the coconut is removed from the shells, and washed in pure, filtered water (no chlorine is... Read More

Can Sprouts Really Swim?

April 06, 2016

Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of soaking and sprouting nuts, seeds, grains, & legumes? We've been doing this personally for the last 25 years, and... Read More

Everything is Good at Good Harvest Market

February 28, 2016

Good Harvest is a store with a whole lot of good going on. We were there on Saturday for a Winter Health Fair. Local health... Read More